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Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel Empty Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel

Jeu 3 Mar 2016 - 16:03
La mise à jour 1.1 de RPGmaker MV vient de tomber :

Patch note :

Hello everyone, the latest version of RPG Maker MV is here!
Create a new project and copy the new js files (except plugins.js so it won't overwrite your Plugin Manager Parameters) to your current project!

If you edited your Generator make sure to make a backup.

Fixed Issues
- Fixed Paste Last Bug in the Animation Editor.
- Fixed Canvas Mode: Change Parallax Bug.
- Fixed Faceset Distortion when changing resolution.
- Fixed Battle Crash when the Damage Formula Box is empty.
- Fixed Monitor FPS Issue.
- Fixed Movement Route changes are saved even when cancelled.
- Fixed an issue that caused: If you have any changes in Plugin Manager and directly close the windows in the title bar (not by Cancel/Esc), the changes will be committed.
- Fixed Pixi Add/Multiply/Screen commands in WebGL mode!
- Fixed States removed when failing to escape battle
- Fixed Scroll Bar in Show Text when Batch Entry is checked
- Fixed the position of index in ImageSelector.
- Fixed Save deleting bug when a game fails to save (now uses a backup and restore system)
- Fixed Actors set to auto battle will only heal the first actor in the party
- Fixed Remember Command selects the wrong skill
- Fixed Autotiles don't function the same as RMVXAce.
- Fixed Sideview Battler Bug: Guard Pose
- Fixed an issue that caused database JSON files (specifically Actor.json) to not automatically update when some changes are made (specifically Equipment Types)

Implemented Features
- Implemented Onion Skin in Animation Editor.
- Implemented Plugin Help Everywhere.
- Re-implemented RPG Maker 2003's Class change option: Keep Level feature.
- Implemented Message Box and Plugin Parameters IconSet Viewer.
- Implemented Confirmation Dialogue on Event, Database and Plugin Manager Cancel
- Reimplemented the Resource Manager
- Implemented Return Home/End Buttons in RMMV for navigating event pages
- Implemented a tool to remove unused resource from a project
- Additional Generator Parts
- Additional Plugins: Slotmachine, TouchUI, Gachabook, Gacha and NovelMessage
- Resources compressed

Et si vous lisez bien la première phrase du patch note, vous comprenez immédiatement pourquoi il ne faut surtout pas modifier directement les scripts de base.

Et vous serez content de revoir le gestionnaire de ressources, et l'ajout d'un utilitaire de suppression de ressources inutilisées

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Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel Empty Re: Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel

Jeu 3 Mar 2016 - 18:18
Tout ce que je retiens, c'est l'ajouts de ressources dans le générateur de personnages Smile
Ils ont fait du beau travail.

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Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel Empty Re: Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel

Lun 7 Mar 2016 - 20:09
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Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel Empty Re: Mise à jour 1.1 du logiciel

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