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Annonces Forum Rules

le Mer 30 Juin 2010 - 2:35
Welcome On This Forum

This forum was created to inform and assist the community RPG Maker.
In a spirit of comfort and friendliness that I ask you to please observe these few rules:

On the forum:

First of all, please make a short presentation of yourself and your experience of making the section "Members' introducing" is recommended for any request or message and it helps to familiarize members. And this is essential if you want to access the rest of the forum and ask for help.

This is a community Amateur speaking English, no member of staff does not affect pay. Please take this into account in your applications.

All the resources on this forum belong to their respective authors. Remember to mention their name in your Credits .

If you want us by your finds on the net, know that the links are only allowed to present your post with examples under penalty of erasure of the subject.

If you post resources or scripts, please indicate the name of the author, and your sources.

Pay attention to your spelling ! It happens to everyone to make some mistakes, but an effort is expected to improve readability, but also to the overall aesthetics of the forum.

The texting is prohibited. You have a keyboard big enough for all your fingers ... And I have no dictionary SMS> ENG. The familiar language abstract is tolerated, provided that it remains legible.

More than 4 errors in a row will be punished with a warning.

The double-post, spam, flood, call it whatever you like, is well-understood prohibited. Any violation will be punished. Try to max your posts whenever possible. Every post will be deleted immediately useless.

pop-up advertisements, or subtly placed in the middle of messages is prohibited. If you want you can put up to 3 banners in your signature, provided they are not too large.

If you want essential to know your forum or blog, send us your banners and speech by MP. If you are fairly active on this forum, your ad will be added to the list of partners.

Please be polite with all members of the forum. The profanity and insults, especially discriminatory, will be punished with a ban.

Your request must be clear and precise , the response will be even faster.

Before any application problem resolution software from the RPG Maker VX, a passage in the subforums Recurring problems and problems solved is required to avoid ending up with several topics on the same subject.

Before posting in any sub-forum, you must read the Announcements and / or Post-Its that manage it. Otherwise, you may not understand the operation of the class and you reprimanded.

Please be careful before posting a topic, your application may have already been posted by another member, then use the existing topic. Please respect all the same members on this topic. If you are unsure, use the search function.

The subjects unanswered for over two months are considered dead. Cleaning will be performed periodically. However one up is allowed each day if your request is urgent or decommissioned. No abuse also.

If you have a problem solved in mutual aid, application or script requests for resources, you must add [solved] in its title. If this is not respected, warnings may fall

A dual or multi account is prohibited. All accounts will be banned immediately. Do not cheat ... We know everything

nécropost , a message in a thread whose last post is more than one month, is strictly prohibited, except for:
- The author of the subject or the resource in question
- Reporting a display problem, a dead link
- The indication of the author of the resource

Warnings will be given if a member made remarks and acts as a moderator.

On the Chat Box:

You can talk about what you want, when you want. But be careful all the same to your comments.

No messages racist, pornographic, abusive, etc..

Spelling is de rigueur on the ChatBox, respect your audience. SMS language and abbreviations are tolerated, do not overdo it.

No right to flood (the messages like "1.", "2.", "3.", "4." Are prohibited). After six messages regarded as the flood, you will be kicked, if you start, you will be banished to the whim of a moderator.

The CB is an integral part of this forum. To the idiot and breaking the rules on the CB back to the idiot and breaking the rules on the forum are aware of this and accept the consequences. But the extravagance, and other trips will be tolerated as long as they do not bother the majority of other members present.

Inquiries concerning this policy, you can contact us at any time by MP. Avoid the same harassment.

Regards the Staff of the Community 'Rmvx
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