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Staffieux retraité
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Age : 27
Capacités : bon
Distinction : Apprenti KGB-boy en avenir
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Ce grand programmateur, mon coeur, ma vie ! [Hamu']
Date d'inscription : 22/06/2009

Post-it Presentation model (minimum required to see his presentation enabled)

le Mer 30 Juin 2010 - 1:22
To get access to resources, scripts ... you have to go through the check presentations

Message for new members:

You do not know what to put in your presentation?
We ask you to add content, but you have no idea what you can tell us?

So I suggest you copy and paste this code and include it in your presentation:

 [b] Username: [/b] Put your nickname
[b] Name: [/b] Put your first name
[b] Age: [/b] Please indicate your age

[b] Hobbies, passions: [/b] Indicate your hobbies and passions
[b] Likes: [/b] Indicate what you love
[b] Dislikes: [/b] Indicate what you do not

[b] Making since [/b] Specify how long you makez
[b] with RPG Maker Level: [/b] Write Level
[b] Project (s) being: [/b] Give the name of your project
[b] Team: [/b] Give the name of your team

[b] At first glance, how you think the forum [/b] Give your impression of the forum
[b] How did you come here [/b] explain by what means you've arrived at the forum
[b] Is this your first forum [/b] No, or yes (but no ads)

A small example, with a pig character straight out of my imagination

Username: Azerty123
Name: John
Age: 24 years

Hobbies, passions: motorcycles, computers
Likes: Her mother, her computer, chocolate croissants
Dislikes: His neighbor, smoking, spinach

Making since: 3 years
with RPG Maker Level: Very good in events and mapping, zero scripts
Project (s) being: The quest for magic crystals
Team: Crystal Team

At first glance, how you think the forum This forum seems to me hosting
How did you come here I came here through Google
Is this your first forum No, or yes (but no ads)

Remember that if you do not want to give us your name or your age (for whatever reason), we do not force you;)

If you want me to add an element in the form, answer the topic, I will add it to the first post.
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