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Fire Emblem : Faceset

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Staffieux retraité

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MessageSujet: Fire Emblem : Faceset   Mar 29 Juin 2010 - 13:47

Hello everyone! In a little surfing on the net, I found Fire emblem icons that I decided to modify facesets ^ ^, so here's what I did:
I'm sorry for the fact that the faces are not all the same size ... but it was better to keep the proportions otherwise we would have been entitled to the heads of asparagus ^ ^: I will introduce each character set on the sides by putting their names ^ ^ I start at the top left and then I ended up at the bottom right ^ ^
Abel, Aran, Astria, Edgar, Frey, Horus, Kain, Wolf.

Anna 1, Anna 2 (I feel that there is a difference ...), Tata, Tonton, Gamin, Gamine, Pépé, Mémé.

the gross arena, brigand, Daross, head slap 1, head slap 2, head slap 3, Hymir

their names? Garr bosses ^ ^

Garr boss, the king Jiol, Minerva's brother (I don't know his name, sorry), and Garr bosses

Bosses, the grumpy old men on the chair is the final boss.

Camus (v1), Camus (V2), Garneth, Garneth (clone mode), Gato, Gato (dream mode), Linde, Linde (Travel version)

Batus, Nabarl, Naga, Nina, Tiki (hypnotized version), Tiki, Wendel, Lawrence.

Marth's councillor, a king (of 'Orlais, I think), blue soldier, cyan soldier (recolo), Talis' king, soldier (recolo), red soldier, grey soldier (recolo)

Gordon, Jagen, Matis, Roshea, two beefy men, Samson, Sagaro.

Minerva (with armor), Minerva (without armor), Maria, Norn, Est, two Est's sister (I don't know their name, sorry), Elise.

woman 1, man 1, man 2, armorer, woman 2, Etzel, tradeswoman, Athéna.

Midia, Midia (without armor), Sheeda (without armor), Sheeda, Merric, Hardan, Marth (kid), Marth (adult)

three mercenaries, a ballistair, Julian, Ogma, Radei, Rickard.

César, Castor, Lena, Xane, George, Thomas, I don't remember me his name ... (let's call him Yoda...), Beck.


all icons have been treated, I will now start in the artworks, I'll post the artsworks to give an overview of the quality of resources bases. Beware, they are very big ^ ^:

I almost forgot :

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